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Fairfield University | Student Activities Ticketing

Fairfield University | Student Activities Ticketing

Searching for a Babysitter?

You've come to the right place! Each year the Fairfield University student body is invited to sign up for this list which is distributed to interested community members. Included in this list are 289 Fairfield University students that have self-added themselves and their information to be included in this year’s distribution. The list is sent as an excel document for easy sorting based on your needs. The filters can be used to sort by the student’s information: 

  • Contact preferences
  • Home city
  • Home state
  • Gender
  • Class year
  • Major
  • Languages other than English spoken
  • CPR certification
  • Lifeguard certification
  • Access to transportation
  • Interest in pet sitting
  • Years of experience
  • Experience with elementary, toddler, infant, middle school, high school or special education
  • Availability per academic semesters and breaks
  • Availability per time of the week and weekends
  • As well as an anecdote about themselves

The list provides job opportunities for many Fairfield students throughout the year and fills a need for families in our community. Money raised from these lists go towards assisting our students in attending University sponsored events.

**Please remember that while these students are expressing interest in a babysitting position, none of the students on this list have been vetted by the Fairfield University Student Association or have participated in background or reference checks. As the potential employer, it would be your responsibility to peruse the checks you deem necessary prior to hiring anyone. Also, please remember that as the academic year begins, our students begin to get involved in a number of events, clubs, jobs and activities, so we encourage you to reach out to the students that fit your needs, as soon as possible.

The students included have willingly included their contact information for the sake of receiving a babysitting position and nothing else. This list is NOT to be used for any other solicitation. Should we encounter a situation in which this list is being exploited for unauthorized uses, this could cause us to have to discontinue this service for years to come. Please be mindful as you continue to use this list.

We wish you the best of luck in finding a sitter for this year!

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